Saturday, 8 December 2012

While You Were Sleeping (1995)

Chicago subway worker Lucy (Sandra Bullock) is infatuated by businessman Peter (Peter Gallagher), a commuter who regularly uses her station and who she only ever sees from a distance.   One day, Peter is almost hit by a train, but Lucy manages to save him at the last moment; then, as she sits by his side while he lies unconscious in a hospital bed, his family arrive and mistake her for his new fiancee.   Happy to be welcomed into the home of her dream partner, Lucy tries to gather the strength to set the record straight, but the situation only becomes more complicated when she starts falling in love with Peter's brother Jack (Bill Pullman).


The film has so many great scenes: the opening the Christmas presents at the Callaghans – where they’ve hung a handmade stocking for Lucy, several scenes between Jack and Lucy as they move a love seat present into Peter’s apartment or walk home through the cold only to slip on the ice in front of Lucy’s apartment, Saul and Lucy’s conversation about the Callaghan family, the dinner scene with the creamy mash potatoes, the hilarious wedding scene and the final proposal scene with the whole Callaghan family.




 Who wouldn’t fall for the man who buys you a Florence snow globe just because you once told him you want to go there? Sigh… After I finish watching “While You Were Sleeping,” I have a big smile on my face and feel happy all over. :) xx




  1. Ah, I know someone who's a HUGE fan of this film. The one that leaves me with a sappy smile is "You've Got Mail" - have you seen it by any chance? It's absolutely adorable and involves books and cute little bookshops which is probably why I love it so much.

    1. Hi. Yes, I have seen You've Got Mail and I love it. I wrote a post on it. I love this film too.