Monday, 10 December 2012

Christmas With Miss Read

From an unexpected visitor on Christmas Eve in THE CHRISTMAS MOUSE to an unwelcome change of plan in NO HOLLY FOR MISS QUINN, Miss Read recounts some of the traditional Christmas events where often, despite the most careful planning, things do not always go as expected. In his charming collection of Christmas stories Miss Read describes the season's events with great tenderness and nostalgia.

From the poignant story of THE WHITE ROBIN and the intriguing tale of THE FAIRACRE GHOST to the rural festivities recounted in TALES FROM A VILLAGE SCHOOL, Miss Read's wry wit and light touch is the perfect antidote to long winter evenings. The stories really put me in a festive mood!

This book is lovely and I enjoy reading it in bed when I am tired, upset or just need a 'comfort' book.  :) xx

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