Friday, 11 May 2012

Sense and Sensibility (1995)

I love this adaptation of Sense and Sensibility. I love Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet as Elinor and Marianne. They both played their parts very well. I also love Alan Rickman as Col. Brandon. He has got a lovely voice and eyes! I love the scene where he sees Marianne for the first time! I'm not keen on Hugh Grant as Edward Ferrers but that's all I would change. The rest of the cast are great too.



I haven't watched this for a while so I'll have dig out my DVD and have a rewatch. Highly recommend this adaptation of Jane Austen's first novel. xx


  1. I totally agree - everyone is brilliant, but even though I don't mind Hugh Grant I recon he's the weaker link. I also adore Elizabeth Spriggs' Mrs Jennings!! :) xx (actually this blog post has given me serious urges to re-watch it...!!)

    1. I too think that Hugh Grant is weak in this film but apart from that I love it! Think I need re-watch it too! :) xx