Monday, 21 May 2012

Jane Eyre vs Twilight book comparsion

 Twilight is not on par with Jane Eyre. Charlotte Bronte writes with better grammar, a better plot and more believable characters than Stephanie Meyers does.

Jane Eyre is an intelligent- albeit poor and plain (actually plain, not “Poor me, I’m so plain and refuse to believe I might be pretty even though everyone is in love with me.”) -young governess who gradually falls in love with her employer Rochester for his passionate nature despite his appearance, still loving him even when he is blind and has lost one of his hands. The control in the relationship is shared rather than showing dependency on each other, with Jane able to cope quite well when she leaves Thornfield. Jane has integrity and refuses to become Rochester’s mistress when she discovers that he is married.

Bella Swan, on the other hand, has men falling at her feet (despite being described as “plain” repeatedly) and doesn’t really seem to have a life outside of Edward. She is a perfect character, which Meyers hides by saying that she is “clumsy”, a trait designed to make her more appealing to an audience. They fall in love pretty much immediately on the basis that’s he’s attractive and she smells nice. Furthermore, their relationship shows classic signs of emotional abuse; during the course of the books, Edward influences Bella against her human friends on the grounds that they are “shallow” when in fact they share many traits with Alice and Rosalie, watches Bella sleep(which would set alarm bells off in any sensible girl’s head), attempts to make major decisions for her(such as the marriage despite her reservations) and repeatedly say that he would die without her or will kill himself when she dies. Bella repeatedly gives in to Edward, and when she doesn't she either ends up badly harmed or makes a stupid decision. I can sum up their relationship in a few words; shallow, unrealistic and manipulative.

Don’t compare this to Charlotte Bronte’s masterpiece because I have read both books and while I could read Jane Eyre a million times and never get bored, Twilight is boring, predictable,one-dimensional and generally irritating. I am sure if Charlotte Bronte knew that her most famous novel was being compared to chick lit about vampires, she would be turning in her grave! Edward Fairfax Rochester is the perfect romantic hero! 


  1. As ever I totally agree!! ps I have to say I ADORE your new banner!!!! ;D xx

    1. Thank you! It took me a while to work out my new banner but I love it too! Edward Fairfax Rochester is my favourite man in English Literature!! :D xx