Friday, 18 May 2012

Rebecca (1997)

Based on Daphne du Maurier's Gothic novel, this romantic made-for-television drama centres on the beautiful young bride (Emilia Fox) of the much older, recently widowed Maxim De Winter (Charles Dance). A middle-class lass, unschooled in aristocratic ways, the young bride finds herself at sea in a world where social skills are everything. It does not help that she finds herself constantly in the ever-present spectre of Maxim's perfect, beautiful late-wife Rebecca. The housekeeper Mrs. Danvers (Diana Rigg), who adored Rebecca, only makes life more intolerable for the struggling wife. Unfortunately, she soon discovers that Danvers is the least of her problems.

I saw the 1997 movie after 1940 version, and I have to say this is my favourite adaptation of Rebecca. I watched it right after finishing the book, and it seemed to me that all the actors in the movie played their roles brilliantly!

Dear Beatrice and her husband, kind faithful Frank, all the servants.  Mrs Danvers and her cold smile. Mrs van Hopper is unforgettable. Even though it is absolutely not the character described in the book, she brings a lot to the film. She is silly, funny, you want to pity her, and you feel, why Maxim dislikes her so much. Her every move, every glance is just right!

Emilia Fox is so natural, so innocent. Her every gesture is childish and truthful. She represented second Mrs. de Winter very close to the impression, made on me by the book.

When I read the book, I did not like Maxim at all! He was brutal and cold and he treated her very badly. But I completely and absolutely fallen in love with Maxim by Charles Dance. There is so mush passion and tenderness and love in their relationship.   He is an absolute aristocrat who is ready to do everything for the sake of his estate and the reputation of his family. He is very romantic in this version.

I highly recommend this adaptation of Rebecca! :) xx


  1. This is the first positive comment I've read about this version, thank you...there is a real chemistry between Fox and Dance, and this version shows that Mrs de Winter begins as a companion to Mrs Van Hopper and ends like a companion to Maxim as in the book....the epilogue "we're not unscathed...there will never be children" : Maxim's castration after the fire ?

    1. Hello,
      Yes, maybe Maxim's injures due to the fire did affect their ability to have children. This is my favourite version of Rebecca. :) xx

  2. I love this version too - I like both versions actually, but there are some amazing characterisations in this version :) xx

  3. I like both of them as well - I just think that Maxim is a lot nicer and romantic in this version than the 1940's film. :) xx