Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Downton Abbey Series Three, Episode Three


May 1920. Matthew receives a letter that Lavinia's late father left for him. He writes that he knew how Matthew broke Lavinia's heart and still wants him to have his money. Matthew finally agrees to accept it, saving Downton. Lord Grantham refuses to accept the money as a gift, instead insisting that he and Matthew become joint masters of Downton.

Edith's wedding day finally arrives, but as she is walking down the aisle Strallan changes his mind and calls off the wedding.


Mrs Hughes finally receives the news that she does not have cancer, which visibly relieves both Mr. Carson and Mrs. Patmore.

Thomas tries to get revenge on O'Brien by spreading a rumour to the family that she will be leaving Downton.

Poor Edith!  I didn't see this storyline coming at all!  Why didn't Sir Anthony talk to Edith about having doubts before she got to the altar?  That was cruel and harsh to jilt her! Also Edith doesn't care that Anthony is older and disabled, she loves him!  I hope Edith finds a lovely and handsome man who will sweep her off her feet and love her forever! xx

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