Sunday, 31 March 2013

Downton Abbey (Christmas Special 2012)

September 1921. The Crawley family heads north, to Duneagle Castle in Scotland - the ancestral home of The MacClare family - to visit Lady Rose and her warring parents, Susan and Hugh ("Shrimpy"). Bates, Anna, Molesley, and O'Brien also make the trip.
Gregson, the man who hired Lady Edith on at the newspaper, tells her that he is going to be in Scotland as well. After Edith informs her family of this Mary and Matthew disagree about Gregson's motives. Gregson later declares his feelings for Edith and hopes to find an ally in Matthew. "Shrimpy" tells Lord Grantham, that he will have to sell his estate because he did not modernise it like Downton and now the money is all gone.
Tom remains at Downton with baby Sybil. The staff looks forward to the approaching country fair, and Carson struggles to keep them concentrating on work.
A new housemaid, Edna, joins the staff and is quickly fired after Mrs Hughes discovers her getting too close to Tom.
Mrs Patmore becomes involved in a romance, but it does not last as she realises he is only interested in her cooking.
At the country fair, the Downton staff win the tug of war. Jimmy is nearly robbed after winning money from betting, but is saved by Thomas, who is beaten in his place. They later agree just to be friends.
Lady Mary goes into labour early, rushing home to the local hospital to deliver her baby, a son.
 Matthew soon joins her to meet his heir. But on the way back to Downton, he is killed in a car accident.  Mary cuddles their baby, unbeknownst to her, now a single mother.
This episode is so sad. I loved Dan Stevens as Matthew! xx

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