Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Downton Abbey Series Three, Episode Six

September 1920. Branson decides to name his daughter Sybil and wants to baptise her as a Catholic, both of which Lord Grantham is firmly opposed to. However, Mary and the rest of the family defend Branson's decision.

To repair Cora and Robert's marriage, Violet pressures Dr Clarkson into going back on his assertion that Sybil would have had a slim chance of living if she had undergone a Caesarean section. He tells Cora and Lord Grantham that Sybil would have surely died either way, and Cora forgives Robert.

Anna finds evidence that might prove Bates innocent, but another prisoner threatens his chances of freedom. After Bates threatens the inmate, George Murray is able to get Bates a release date.

Daisy is upset that Alfred is paying a lot of attention to Ivy.

Ethel prepares a luncheon for the Crawley women and gets Mrs Patmore to help. When Lord Grantham finds out about the luncheon, he is outraged that Isobel would let a former prostitute serve lunch to his family. However, Cora and the women ignore his protests.


I love the scenes with Matthew and Robert, Matthew, Mary and baby Sybil and the luncheon scene! xx 

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