Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Downton Abbey Series Two, Episode Seven


1919.  As the residents try to return to normal life following the armistice, Matthew begins to be able to feel his legs. One day, seeing Lavinia drop a heavy tray, he suddenly gets up from his chair. Major Clarkson admits that he knew of this possibility from another physician but was skeptical about it and didn't want to raise everyone's hopes. Matthew announces that he and Lavinia intend to be married soon. Violet informs him that Mary is still in love with him, but Matthew feels obliged to marry Lavinia since she was prepared to sacrifice her life for him.
Meanwhile, Richard Carlisle distresses Anna by asking her to spy on Mary, and his behaviour leads Carson to reject his offer of employment.

Bates realises that Vera committed suicide in order to frame him for her murder. When Major Bryant's parents visit Downton to see where their son convalesced, Mrs Hughes contrives a meeting between them and Ethel and her baby. However, Mr Bryant angrily refuses to believe her claim.

Thomas embarks on a new money-making scheme in the post-war black market. Lord Grantham attracted to the new maid Jane and illicitly kisses her on one occasion. Contemplating life after the war, Sybil makes the drastic decision to elope with Branson. However, Mary discovers her plan and, along with Edith and Anna, seeks them out and persuades Sybil to return and plead her cause openly to their parents.




I love Maggie Smith, she is brilliant! I love Mary's blue gown she is wearing in this episode, it's lovely! xx

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