Monday, 4 February 2013

Dark Victory (1939)



Dark Victory stars Bette Davis as a rich playgirl who is diagnosed with a fatal disease that will steal her sight and then her life. She is so interesting to watch - as a self-absorbed, proud, spoiled young woman, as a brave patient, as a grateful survivor enjoying life,a spiteful woman, wronged by love and betrayed by her best friend, as a doomed woman living recklessly without regard for her safety or her reputation,and as a woman resigned to her fate, determined to live out what is left of her life in dignity.  Judith Traherne falls in love with her doctor, they marry and move to Vermont to enjoy life together.





It's like a full palette of human emotion, and she does it so well! Enjoy! xx


  1. Old movies are unique. I also love them <3 :))
    Greetings for you :)

  2. I love old movies too! Hope you enjoy exploring my blog! :)