Thursday, 17 January 2013

Downton Abbey Series One, Episode Three

Late November 1912. Cora is pleased when Lady Mary informs her that Evelyn Napier, the wealthy son of a peer and a possible suitor, will be visiting. However, he arrives with a dashing Turkish diplomat, Mr. Kemal Pamuk, who is in London for the Albanian independence negotiations, and Mary is completely smitten with him. Mary is not the only one: Thomas gets a little too close to the Turk. Pamuk offers to spare Thomas punishment for his indiscretion, provided he will do something in return. Edith tries to interest Matthew by offering to show him the local churches. To her disappointment, he is far more interested in the buildings than herself. Bates purchases a device to correct his limp, but this proves to be extremely painful and injurious, until Mrs. Hughes discovers it and makes him get rid of it. Gwen's (a housemaid) secret is revealed: she has been training to be a secretary, by correspondence. She is dejected by the other servants' scepticism and disapproval of her choice, but Bates and Anna encourage her, as does Lady Sybil.  During and after dinner, Lady Mary has eyes only for Mr. Pamuk, but when he surprises her by forcibly kissing her, she rejects him.


Undeterred, he goes to her room that night, led by Thomas. He seduces her, but in the middle of the night he suddenly dies in her bed. To avert a scandal, Mary is forced to seek the help of Anna and her mother to move Pamuk's body back into his own bed. Unknown to them, Daisy, the scullery maid, sees them carrying the body. Cora is horrified by Mary's behaviour but promises not to tell Robert, as it would break his heart. Mary is extremely upset by Pamuk's death. And in the aftermath, from Mary's behaviour, Napier realises he doesn't have a chance with her.


I love Mary's costumes in this episode and I also like that Mary's personality becomes softer after her scandal with Pamuk. xx

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