Friday, 25 January 2013

Downton Abbey Series One, Episode Five


Late July 1913. Bates discovers that Thomas is stealing wine from the cellar. Worried that he will be reported, Thomas attempts to frame Bates for stealing one of Lord Grantham's antique snuffboxes, but his plans are thwarted. Anna makes her feelings known to Mr. Bates, but he says they can't be together. Meanwhile, rumours are beginning to circulate about Lady Mary and the "handsome Turk". Daisy is finding it increasingly difficult to keep quiet about what she has seen, and after some cajoling from Miss O'Brien, she tells her story to Lady Edith, who reveals the truth to the Turkish ambassador. At the annual flower show, Isobel questions Violet's history of winning every year, and instead supports Molesley's father's arrangements, much to Violet's dismay.




This is one of my favourite episodes! xx


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