Monday, 4 June 2012

Bleak House (2005)

A seemingly interminable lawsuit has mid-19th-century English high society all a-twitter, and its labyrinthine complications envelop a good many people. Among them is a brittle beauty, Lady Dedlock, who guards a dark secret that makes her vulnerable to Tulkinghorn, an unscrupulous, scheming lawyer. Others with interest in the case are the wards in the case Richard Carstone and Ada Clare, along with Ada's companion sweet Esther Summerson who go to live with the kind Mr. John Jaryndyce at Bleak House. As Tilkinghorn and Esther rejected admirer Mr. Guppy try to unravel the mystery surrounding the court case lives will be ruined or made better by the discoveries they make...





A lovely period drama! :) xx

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